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An Introduction...

You’ve been tasked with managing this year’s client golf outing…where do you start?

It’s so much more than just calling a course and booking a tee time.

You need a tested, respected, and proven provider who will make all the difference.

My name is Eric Redd, a PGA Golf professional and President of Redd Golf, the leader of customized corporate golf outings. I’ve been in the golf business for over 30 years and bring the knowledge and expertise to help you turn your golf event into the highlight of any corporate event.

So, what sets Redd Golf apart?

We know golf! Every event has its own unique characteristics that we quickly define, including timing, scheduling, and every last detail. Golf is an important activity, but many times it’s just one of the components that make up a productive event.

At Redd Golf, we not only advise you, we LISTEN to you. We want to be your go to for unique, value-added, customized corporate events.

So rather than worry about the details, let my team of highly-trained PGA professionals navigate your next event for you.

This is the first of many blogs to come that will feature valuable insights into the world of golf and corporate event planning.

Talk with you soon.

Eric Redd

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